Name: KoobFace

Date Discovered: August 3rd, 2008

Type: Malware

Impact: High

Reported Infections: High

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS x and Linux Systems.

Amount of PCs Infected: 1,000,000+


Virus Detected on TotalAV?: YES


How it affects the user: it spreads through peer-to-peer through a social media platform and will send a video that will infect your computer. It then proceeds to steal personal information.


Resolution: Download and run TotalAV.


Summary of how to remove Virus:

  • Run a system scan on TotalAV.
  • Enable real-time protection
  • Delete all files that flag as a threat
  • Delete all quarantined items
  • Continue to close the browser that you used when the virus showed via task manager.
  • Do not restore tabs when you reopen browser

More Info:

Koobface is a network that attacks Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform. It originally targeted social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype, and Gmail.KoobFace runs a pay-per-install malware on the computer which then, once the user clicks on a fake pop up and downloads the infection, it gathers login information to then hijack the user and send messages to the contact list to expand the virus. This Virus has been around since August 2008.