Photo Manager

Photos Manager is a powerful tool which can save you from manually scrolling through hundreds of duplicate and identical looking photos in order to delete them and save space. Simply tap the "Photo manager" tile from the dashboard to launch the Photo Manager.

- Burst Mode

You can clear pictures that were created during burst mode. You may have hundreds of unwanted pictures created using Burst Mode in your Photos app. Make your selection of all the duplicate photos you'd like to remove and tap on the delete button.


- Screenshots

You can get rid of all your screenshots taken via your iPhone. Select the ones you don't need and tap delete.


- Filtered Photos

When you add a filter to your pictures, you iPhone may keep the original picture as well as the new filtered one. The app will scan through your device to find any photos that are the same or look similar and will give you the option to delete these filtered or unfiltered copies.


- Duplicate Photos

You will be able to remove photos that are the same or look similar. Just look through the suggestions, select the ones you don't need anymore and tap on delete.


Please be aware that once you've deleted a photo, you cannot retrieve it!