Error Message: EngineNotFound

If you are seeing an error message which contains ‘EngineNotFound’ follow the steps below for a quick resolution.

There’s nothing to worry about all you need to do is run a simple patch to fix this issue.

**Click Here to Install the Available Hotfix**

Once downloaded you may be prompted to initiate the fix by either selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘Run’ 

A small status bar will then appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 

Upon completion, yourTotalAV app will launch and initiate a system scan with the error no longer appearing.

That didn’t work? Try this…

If you continue to experience issues after following these steps you can either,

-          Contact us directly on,

-          Follow our uninstall and reinstallation guide which will also resolve the problem (this will take approx. 4-5 minutes)

Click Here to View Uninstall and Reinstallation Guide