VPN Overview

Why you should start using a our Safe Browsing VPN.

Safe Browsing secures your device's internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes. It’s especially needed if you are using social media, shopping online and internet banking.

What Is Safe Browsing VPN?

Our Safe Browsing VPN, or Virtual Private Network as it’s name suggests, is a virtual version of a secure, physical network. It’s a network technology that allows users to create a private, secure and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the Internet. VPN’s encrypt all outgoing communications from a device, change the IP address of the device and allow the device circumvent any geo-restrictions imposed by websites.

A Virtual Private Network is formed by establishing a virtual point to point connection through a ‘tunnel’; this ‘tunnel’ is encrypted by different protocols and creates a pipe where users can exchange information without hackers or snoopers being able to see, or access what is inside.

Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN encrypts all of your outgoing communication and as a result offers total protection from hackers, snoopers and government agencies. It is unfortunately widely underestimated how unsafe and un-secure Public Wifi networks are, and by connecting to one, a half decent hacker can monitor any output from your device; this includes passwords, emails, bank details and social security numbers etc. A VPN totally mitigates this risk and uses secure protocols to encrypt traffic from your device.

Whether you are simply browsing the internet reading such as reading your favorite news site, using social media or internet banking, you should certainly be using a VPN. Prior to doing anything on a new WiFi connection, it should become second nature to first connect to VPN. This encrypts all your outgoing traffic preventing other users on the WiFi seeing what you are doing.

In addition to the huge security benefits of a VPN, it can also circumvent geo-restricted websites, hide you IP from the outside world and prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth.

How does VPN protect my privacy?

A VPN protects your privacy in a number of different ways, but the two most important are:


  1. Encrypting all of your outgoing traffic - by using various transfer protocols, a VPN creates a virtual tunnel to route all of your traffic through. This tunnel is encrypted and makes it nearly impossible for hackers to access your information.
  2. Hide your IP - by connecting directly to a VPN server you adopt the IP address of that server, this hides your real IP address and makes you appear as if you are somewhere else.

Public WiFi

When you connect to a website through your computer, tablet and smartphone, such as your online banking, your connection can be intercepted and monitored at any point, especially if you connect to an unsecured wifi network anyone on that network could see:


  • Every site you visit

  • All information you send across the web (i.e. email or Facebook messages)

  • Login information

  • Password Logging


You never know who is on a network and if they are snooping other users data.

VPN is your best friend while travelling and using public WiFi connections, prior to doing anything on a new WiFi connection it should become second nature to first connect to VPN. This encrypts all your outgoing traffic preventing other users on the WiFi seeing what you are doing.


Simply use our safe browsing VPN, every time you connect to the internet.

Simply select the country you are in, or the country you want to appear that you are located there. And click connect. That’s it.  You can simply connect and disconnect instantly, or swap countries at a click of a button.

Just to recap, our Safe Browsing Technology gives you Privacy, Freedom and Security which helps you especially if you use online banking, shop online or use public wifi hotspots.